Ru was raised-up in Northeast China — the land of dark, fertile soil where corns and soybeans wildly grow in the fields. She moved to the United States in 2009 to study the History of Art and Architecture before moving to Finland in 2014.
Mu Filosofia Flower Studio & Tea Room is inspired by her Master Thesis at Aalto University —- The Poetics of Miniature Landscape. As a self-taught floral designer, Ru’s work and design philosophy is simplicity. At MU Filosofia, all orders are tailor made with special quality – either for individual customers or corporate customers.
During free time, she writes poetry, makes pots, practices yoga and pulls weeds from her garden. She often dreams about strange plants.



Mari has a history working with fashion for over a decade. She decided to make full turn in life and start a journey to the wonderful world of plants. After finishing her gardening studies she has been continuing to learn the more sustainable ways of floristry. In 2019 the interest in Japanese way of appreciating the nature took her interning in a flower school in Tokyo. On her spare time she took ikebana lessons with the oldest school called Ikenobo.
Mari and Ru met in an event to talk about sustainable floristry. A little later she started helping serving the flower and tea customers at Mu Filosofia. Now also running her own business Taiga to Tropics she teams up with Ru on bigger floral projects and events.
Mari finds working with plants soothing and inspiring. She is dreaming of her own small garden where to enjoy the seasons change.



Matleena studies gardening and floral design in Hyvinkää, from where she will graduate by the end of 2020. She has a background working for social services in Helsinki and holds a bachelor’s degree in this field of work. She was born in Helsinki but partially brought up in Canada, moving back to Finland when she was 10. She works in both Finnish and English.
She recently came back to Finland from spending 2 years traveling around South-East Asia and
New Zealand. In her work she is inspired by tropical landscapes and her father, who taught her
why it is important to feel connected with nature.
On her free time, she practises yoga, dances and goes on long walks – preferably in the forest.